Thursday , 22 March 2018
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The Face of Furry Creek Goes Online, Worldwide and Free!

We’re “hooking you up”. With The Face of Furry Creek that is. Beginning June 1st, 2015, you can watch all 12 full episodes completely free on No strings attached! It’s like Netflix but with only 1 show so it’s totally not at all like Netflix. Unlike Netflix, here you can explore our sexy website to find crazy amounts of bonus material after each ... Read More »

Season 2% Winner’s Commercial Online!

Sure the final week’s task in The Face of Furry Creek contest was to create a new TV segment for Channel 12 news to replace Deb’s Dish 😐 Is that how you make a sad face in internet? I’m new at this. Anywho, I digest. You saw the final 3 contestants do their live segments on TV so you won’t find ... Read More »

Mayor Chad’s Drug Video Leaked!

I literally can’t even with this. Furry Creek’s mayor is the worstest. After having been in the international news for falling down at a sports event and talking about eating his mother’s pie, the alleged video of him being homophobile and smoking cra…um…drugs has leaked online. And he’s running for re-election! Someone should do something about this or something. What’s really ... Read More »

Preview of Episode 206

In this week’s final TV episode of The Face of Furry Creek entitled “Das Ende“ (“the end” in German), the final 3 contestants are asked to prepare their own news segments for Channel 12. I guess since I got fired for being an honest person they want the new winner to replace “Deb’s Dish“. It’s not a great week for me. Sisi ... Read More »

Don’t Argue With A Debex

People sure do like to make fun of me. First is was that “auto-tuned” video of me on the toilet and now this. Someone has a lot of free time on their hands and seems to think I sound like a weirdo animal called an Ibex when I’m angry. Judge for yourself if you must. *Sniff-Snort*. – Deb Read More »

“Misconceptions” Commercial Online

The fifth week’s task in The Face of Furry Creek contest was to make a commercial challenging Furry Creek’s awful misconceptions. Our town definitely has a bad reputation for being prejudice and anti-me. Looks like the jenius producer behind this stole the idea from a Tourism California commercial. You can watch and compare who did a better job here. – Deb Read More »

Preview of Episode 205

In this week’s TV episode of The Face of Furry Creek entitled “Freedumb“, the contestants are asked to make a commercial refuting Furry Creek’s awful reputation. Apparently our town has a bad rap for being discriminatory or something. Also this week, a contestant pushes the limits of freedom of speech when they say a meanie, hurtful word on TV. The trolls come ... Read More »

Mayor Chad’s Antics Go Global

This is embarrassingly embarrassing for our town. Furry Creek’s mayor has been in the international news recently doing silly things and it all sounds a little familiar for some reason. As a news journalism type-person, I just learnsed that the mayor of a city called Toronto (pronounced Tah-rah-nuh) did something similar. Here’s a rundown of what our mayor Chad Chad has done so far: ... Read More »

“Visit Furry Creek” Song + Music Video Online

The fourth week’s task in The Face of Furry Creek contest was to write, sing and perform in a song and music video about Furry Creek with me! In fact, the whole episode was musical-themed. It kinda reminded me of Glee except good. I’ve been told I look like Lea Michelle and if you ask me, I sing just as goodly as her in this too. I ... Read More »

Preview of Episode 204

In this week’s TV episode of The Face of Furry Creek entitled “Musical Fruit“, the contestants are asked to help create a song and music video. The song is supposed to be about visiting Furry Creek but since half the town has illiterateness, you can imagination how that turns out. But it’s not the only song we sing because the whole ... Read More »