Thursday , 22 March 2018
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Brenda Bergman

profiles_s2_brendaBrenda Bergman is a news anchor for Channel 12 and one of the hosts of The Face of Furry Creek. This “natural” blond bombshell is a hit with our viewers and most of the men in Furry Creek in general. The only reason she even has this job is “weird sex stuff” apparently. Way to be a strong, independent woman! Basically, Brenda is there to keep her co-anchor Mario Mancini‘s ego in check. She can be a real meanie too but she mostly just uses air time to mispronounce words and watch in awe as the wind turns her hair into a lion’s mane. What else? I think she actually wears men’s long john’s under her skirts. I’m pretty sure we have a picture to prove it.