Thursday , 22 March 2018
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Chad Chad

profile_chad2Chad Chad was born somewhere in Furry Creek. His mother Charmaine can’t remember where exactly as the trailer he was born in was moving at the time. His mother named him Chad, which is also his last name, because she’s an idiot. As an only child, Chad was smothered by his mother and he remains totally dependent on others today. But with confidence through the roof, Chad “borrowed” a friend’s snowboard one day and the rest is history. Chad’s history just happens to involve crashing into Guy in the finals of the world’s biggest snowboard cross competition and breaking his junk. Yes, his man junk. Since then, he and Guy have become best bros and live together in a basement pad. But the chicks are few and far between lately and Chad is hoping to win The Face of Furry Creek contest to impress the ladies. In his spare time, Chad likes to smoke cookies and eat weeds.