Thursday , 22 March 2018
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Deborah Dyer

profile_debDeb Dyer was born and raised right here in Furry Creek. Or so the story goes. The homely brunette’s “before mom” gave birth to her in a high school bathroom stall on prom night and she was later adopted into a wealthy family. Her “after mom and dad” passed away violently in the great Furry Creek snow-rain-sun storm of ’98 and she inherited their family home. She has never met her birth parents and knows little about her background. She has suffered from depression and tried to “suicide herself” 2 years ago. Unfortunately her attempt failed and, instead, she crashed her car into Sisi Sickles. Feeling guilt, Deb nursed Sisi back to health with her money. Though Deb’s money is now long gone, Sisi remains her roommate and “onliest” friend. In her spare time, which is all the time, Deb enjoys collecting scrunchies, reading junk mail coupons and drinking lukewarm 2% milk.