Thursday , 22 March 2018
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Greg Gresmire-Lipinski

profile_greg1 Greg Gresmire-Lipinski is 14 years of age going on 28. He is the recent recipient of the prestigious Nishi Award in Math, Science and Technology and will be graduating from Furry Creek High 3 years early. This has made the articulate ginger horribly unpopular at school. That and the fact that his mother Liz makes him enter beauty pageants for female toddlers. When the annoying brat isn’t pursuing his interests in chemical engineering, golf and asthmatic symptoms, he’s creeping out the local female population. Channel 12 would never go so far as to say Greg is a pervert but he is definitely a devil-pleasing deviant immoral sex freak. If Greg manages to win The Face of Furry Creek contest, he plans on using the money to find his deadbeat dad and attend college anywhere outside of Furry Creek. See? We told you he was a pervert.