Thursday , 22 March 2018
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Petunia Proudfoot

profile_petunia2Petunia Proudfoot is a 10th generation Furry Creekian. Her noble pedigree founded the town on Christian values and she strives to uphold those values today. Having bravely moved to Burbank, California to support her husband Freddy’s acting career for 3 years, Petunia knows first hand what debauchery and sin could do to Furry Creek. Upon her return, she was shocked to discover that there are now two non-white people living in Furry Creek. Two. She feels her hometown is on a slippery slope toward diversity and it’s time to nip that kind of acceptance in the bud before homosexuals are running around in the streets stealing everyone’s babies. Channel 12 could not agree more. She is the only candidate fit to represent our town’s wholesome values and we impartially suggest you vote for Petunia to become The Face of Furry Creek.