Thursday , 22 March 2018
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Sisi Sickles

profiles_sisiSisi Sickles was born in Furry Creek but ran away at the age of 9 to pursue her dream of being a nightclub waitress in the big city. After years of struggle and many donkey-related odd jobs later, Sisi was finally living out her dream. As a part-time cocktail waitress at Gary’s Save On Booze and Meats on 4th Street that is. But it didn’t last long. Her dream died when she was biking home from the bar one early morning and Deb hit the innocent and skinny Sisi with her car. When a broken umbilical cord left her unable to work, Sisi rightfully demanded compensation from Deb in the form of room and board forever. But now that Sisi has spent most of Deb’s money, she needs to either win The Face of Furry Creek contest or get hit by a richer sucker’s car. In her spare time, Sisi likes to drink vodfees (vodka coffees, duh) and loiter in various bushes for some reason.