Thursday , 22 March 2018
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Week 5: Diversity Photos

In our fifth week of The Face of Furry Creek contest, we asked our remaining finalists to capture all the beautiful diversity Furry Creek doesn’t have in a photo. We wanted our contestants to show how accepting and forward-thinking Furry Creek is by exploring our diverse…um…whiteness. This was a tough one and we didn’t get much but was there ever drama this week.

Petunia did wonderfully as always, proving to us that she is BFF’s with her Mexican maid Chiquita. Or Conchita. Whatever. Point is, she has a best friend that isn’t a WASP as these photos clearly prove.

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Guy hooked up with Chad‘s mom Charmaine and decided that kinky poverty romance was somehow diversity. Given her socio-economic standing and the inter-generational nature of this ‘relationship’, we took it. I told you it was a tough week.

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Deb shocked us all, in her own words, when her roommate Sisi declared they were lovers. Gay people? In our respectable town? Something doesn’t seem right here. I’ll have to investigate further. Still, Deb did have a disgusting online profile picture on the lesbian hook up app Grindher.


Greg hit a rough patch this week. You can find out why by watching our episode 5 recap video where I give you the scoop!