Thursday , 22 March 2018
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Week 4: PSA Videos

In our fourth week of The Face of Furry Creek contest, we asked our remaining finalists to create a public service announcement video. We wanted to see how our contestants help out their community right here in Furry Creek. These ridiculous videos are the best they came up with. Make sure to switch to HD for better quality.

In Deb‘s PSA video, she tries to turn her house into “Deb’s Center for the Healings of Umbilical Cords That Need Unbrokening“. Mmm hmm.

In Petunia‘s expensive PSA video, her and hubby Freddy sing and pray to keep Furry Creek wholesome for their unborn children. Good work!

In Guy‘s PSA video, he duals with Chad to offer the ladies the best free “sexy” squeegee jobs. But as that squeegee pole gets stuck in his butt a lot, I wonder which demographic he was really going for? Totally dandy.

In Chad‘s PSA video version, he duals with Guy to offer the ladies the best free “sexy” squeegee jobs. Mama Charmaine won’t be too happy about this filth.

In Greg‘s PSA video, his mother and Yoshi hold a humiliating intervention of sorts. For his perversions. Is everyone besides me in this town is a pervert?