Thursday , 22 March 2018
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Week 3: Social Media

In the third week of The Face of Furry Creek contest, we asked you, the citizens of Furry Creek and the world, to vote for who you think should become the face of Furry Creek. You can do so to your right. Yes, right there. See it?

Our contestants were asked to use social media to beg for your votes in any way they can. So make sure to follow us on TwatterFacelikeYewtube and Instapic. You don’t want to miss the crazy lengths these desperate candidates will go to secure your votes! But we’ve posted some of their pics and videos from this week below.

Deb was just ‘twatting‘ as it took her a while to figure it all out.

Guy an Chad read the infamous book “50 Tones of Silver” to learn what women really want in a man. You know, that book about S&M. They tried to make themselves into every woman’s fantasy. I think they appealed to a hairier demographic. Here’s why:

IMG_2029 IMG_2021 IMG_2028  IMG_2031  

Greg, on the other hand, ditched his manners for lust. He inappropriately stalked the foreign exchange student staying in his home. Poor Yoshi just wanted to frolic and admire herself in peace. But Greg followed and got plenty of pictures for his instapic account but also made a, er, beautiful (?) video of darling Yoshi which you can watch above.

IMG_2024 IMG_2026 yosh IMG_2032 IMG_2033 IMG_2030

Sisi ran into some trouble which is where Petunia‘s entry comes in. You’ll have to watch the recap video for more on that.

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