Thursday , 22 March 2018
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Week 1: Audition Videos

The first week’s task in The Face of Furry Creek contest was simple: Send in your audition videos! They didn’t have to be fancy. And they aren’t. We announced our top 5 finalists in episode 1 of our TV reality show based on these video so here they are for your viewing, uh, ‘pleasure’. Make sure to switch to HD for better quality.

In Sisi’s audition video, Deb and Sisi become “The Golden Girls” in a shot for shot parody of the opening sequence.

In Greg’s audition video “Tiara Mom” Liz forces her son to twirl and sashay.

In Guy’s audition video, the Frenchie gives you an MTV-style tour of his bro basement crib.

In Chad’s audition video, the ex-snowboarder shows you all the places he’s banged chicks. Classy.

Deb’s audition video was actually made by Sisi. Sisi thinks Deb is neato. But still fat.