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The Face of Furry Creek – Credits


Deborah Dyer/Guy Gagnier/Greg Gresmire-Lipinski
Mario Mancini/Yoshi Yonescu/Graham Gresmire
Nate “Niner” Naylor/Kimberney Kregs/Princesa Puerta/Wolfgang Wald
Mark Kenneth Woods

Sisi Sickles/Chad Chad/Liz Lipinski/Brenda Bergman/Kourtlyn Kregs/Hans Hoffman
Michael Venus

Petunia Proudfoot/Charmaine Chad/Natalia Nazarova/Re-enactment Sisi/Twink
Amy Goodmurphy

Freddy Freeland/Re-enactment Deb/Muscle Mary
Ryan Steele


Wirtten and Created by
Mark Kenneth Woods

Executive Producer
Mark Kenneth Woods

Associate Producer
Michael Venus

Directed by
Mark Kenneth Woods & Rami Mikhail

Directors of Photography
Rami Mikhail

Camera Operator & Sound Recording
Rami Mikhail

Boom Operator

Picture and Sound Editor
Mark Kenneth Woods

Opening Title Sequence
Mark Kenneth Woods

Original Theme Song By
Dickey Doo for Dixmix Productions

Music By
Dickey Doo for Dixmix Productions
Mark Kenneth Woods
Kevin MacLeod
Getty Images

Costume Design and Styling
Michael Venus
Mark Kenneth Woods

Hair and Hair Products Generously Provided By

Additional Wigs
Michael Venus

Hairstyling and Make Up
Michael Venus

Additional Make Up
Amy Goodmurphy

Promotional Materials Provided By


Website And Digital Media Produced With The Participation Of
Bell Broadcast and New Media Fund

Digital Media Producer
Mark Kenneth Woods

Digital Media Project Manager
Steve Szigeti

Website Design by
Petrakis Studios

Digital Media and Copy Written by
Mark Kenneth Woods

Additional Writing by
Ryan Steele & Amy Goodmurphy

Directed and Edited by
Mark Kenneth Woods & Rami Mikhail

Rami Mikhail

Special Thanks to
Brad Danks
Katherine Frost
David Taylor
Gabe Cugelman
Bell Fund
Steve Szigeti
Petros Petrakis
Dreaming In The Rain Productions
The Ryan And Amy Show
Woods Family
Nikole MacDonald
Cadence W. Matthews
Tyler Hunt
Mike Buchanan
Mike Wilson
Jay Minter
Priape Vancouver
Del Stamp
David “Master” Carter
Gosia Kamela
Round Plains Plantation

and countless others for your support!

Filmed on Location in British Columbia, Canada

The characters, locations and events depicted in this
television series and digital media and are fictional. Any similarity to actual persons,
living or dead, is purely coincidental and unintentional.

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