Thursday , 22 March 2018
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Freddy Freeland

profile_s2_freddy2Freddy Freeland is an award-wanting actor. Yes, he is that Freddy Freeland. We’re sure you remember him from the 2003 Raven-Symoné sitcom Daddy You Be Trippin’ If You Think You Be Living At My House. He is the onliest person from our town to ever make it in Hollywood. And now he’s a wannabe stripper. He is married to contestant Petunia Proudfoot but, after years of nagging, he left her to pursue his craft again. Now he’s living the glamorous life of a struggling actor sharing a bachelor apartment with Aussie failed-stripper Nate “Niner” Naylor. Having booked exactly zero roles since pursuing a comeback, Freddy has resorted to doing whatever it is Nate gets booked to do. In his spare time he enjoys scene studies of Saved By The Bell and extreme dubstepping.