Thursday , 22 March 2018
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Kimberney Kregs

profile_s2_kimberney1Kimberney Kregs is stuck in Furry Creek despite not wanting to have ever stepped foot in this “3rd world city”. Her “famous-just-for-being” family sent the spoiled brat and her sister Kourtlyn to Furry Creek to experience how “normal people live”. As it turns out, the rich teens got sent to live with Liz Lipinski, the craziest person in Furry Creek. Needless to say, “normal” is not in the cards for Kimberney. Her homestay host has forced Kimberney to enter The Face of Furry Creek contest to win the household some much needed funds. But Kimberney might have other plans. When she’s not taking selfies, Kimberney likes to spend her time shopping for new UGG boots and discussing who is the hottest member of her fave boy band “No Direction”.