Thursday , 22 March 2018
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Kourtlyn Kregs

profiles_s2_kourtlynKourtlyn Kregs is part of that “famous-just-for-being” family you keep hearing about. But her parents are sick of her and sent the spoiled brat and her sister Kimberney to Furry Creek to experience how “normal people live”. So naturally they ended up as Liz Lipinski‘s homestays in that “gross building you have to share with other people”. Ya, it’s called an apartment. Always living in the shadow of her much…um…prettier? sister, Kourtlyn can only stand back and watch as Kimberney makes it into The Face of Furry Creek and she doesn’t. When she’s not being verbally abused by her sister, Kourtlyn likes to slowly sip Strawberry Crème Frappacinno’s for hours and give good duck face.