Thursday , 22 March 2018
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Mario Mancini

profile_s2_marioMario Mancini is an award-winning worthy news anchor for Channel 12 and is easily the town’s most curly-haired citizen. As host of The Face of Furry Creek, the dashing broadcaster is not eligible to enter the contest. Damn shame too as his handsome, tight curls would win him the title obviously. Instead, he is being forced to introduce “TV segments” such as Deb’s Dish. Pfffft. Mario is a real journalist, thank you very much, and will not stand for such fluff. Mario brings you real stories like who his co-anchor Brenda Bergman slept with to get this job, how the Mayor of Furry Creek probably smoked drugs because he looks like the type and how internet trolls are the real heroes. Also, he’s single ladies and he has a moustache so that makes him at least as cool as a penniless 20 year old hipster blogger.