Thursday , 22 March 2018
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Nate “Niner” Naylor

profile_s2_nateNate “Niner” Naylor recently moved to Furry Creek all the way from the equally small town of Woop Woop, Australia. An aspiring dancer, Nate tried out for the famous all-male revue The Thunder From Down Under six times. He never made it past the first round. After seeing a commercial about visiting Furry Creek, he decided Deborah Dyer, the man in the commercial, was a real “swamp-donkey” (that’s Australian for ugly) and that Furry Creek was the kind of place that would appreciate his talents. I mean, his nickname is “Niner”. And nobody lies about their penis. Nobody. So now he’s in Furry Creek, living in a bachelor apartment with his new bro Freddy Freeland trying to make it as sexy dancer. Good luck with the Sheilas mate!