Thursday , 22 March 2018
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Preview of Episode 202

In this week’s TV episode of The Face of Furry Creek entitled “Pride and Mostly Prejudice“, the contestants are asked to show what makes them proud in the form of a “Mine” loop video. A “Mine” video is kind of like a “Vine” video in that it’s exactly the same thing.

It took me a while to figure out what those videos are because I’m not so goodly with socially media. But basically, the videos are filmed on your phone and are very quick. It’s a few seconds here, a few seconds there and then all glued together. Wait, is that what you call 2-3 clips put together? Glued?

Anyhoo, the videos range from Sisi’s Vodfee lesson to Nate’s um…proud man thingy. And in this episode I get scared because a certain meanie neighbour comes back to visit me. And she brought Christ Lord with her. But then I also get really good news about my job so…

Episode 202 airs Monday, September 15th on OUTtv at 8:30pm ET/  7:30 PT with re-runs throughout the week. Check their website for details. The finalists Mine Videos and exclusive “lost” Jesus-ey audition video will be uploaded right after the TV episode airs so come back for that mess. For now, you can watch a short preview of tonight’s episode above.

– Deb