Thursday , 22 March 2018
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Preview of Episode 203

In this week’s TV episode of The Face of Furry Creek entitled “Bullying A Deb“, the contestants are asked to create an anti-bullying video. Which is really ironical because it seems like everyone in Furry Creek is a bully.

In fact, there is a new trendy saying in town that everyone is using called “Pulling A Deb“. This apparently means to “supremely fail at something major” so you can imagination my happiness with being associationed with failing. So it’s not surprising that the contestants end up making an anti-anti-bullying video because they are meanies.

Episode 203 airs Monday, September 22nd on OUTtv at 8:30pm ET/ 7:30 PT with re-runs throughout the week. Check their website for details. The finalists’ anti-anti-bullying video will be uploaded right after the TV episode airs so come back to watch that meanie video later. For now, you can watch a short preview of tonight’s episode above.


Deb Dyer and Sisi Sickles talk about bullying.

Deb Dyer and Sisi Sickles talk about bullying.