Thursday , 22 March 2018
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Preview of Episode 204

In this week’s TV episode of The Face of Furry Creek entitled “Musical Fruit“, the contestants are asked to help create a song and music video. The song is supposed to be about visiting Furry Creek but since half the town has illiterateness, you can imagination how that turns out. But it’s not the only song we sing because the whole episode is musical-themed! Kinda like Glee but, you know, good. Also tonight, the mayor is accused of something really bad and I talk to some big shot foreign-type-people on my Deb’s Dish segment. Oh, and someone is eliminated too, also, as well.

Episode 204 airs Monday, September 29th on OUTtv at 8:30pm ET/ 7:30 PT with re-runs throughout the week. Check their website for details. The finalists’ “Visit Furry Creek” song and music video will be uploaded right after the TV episode airs so come back to watch that video later. For now, you can watch a short preview of tonight’s episode above.


Kourtlyn and Kimberney Kregs plan to meet boy band "No Direction" on tour.

Kourtlyn and Kimberney Kregs plan to meet boy band “No Direction” on tour.