Thursday , 22 March 2018
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Preview of Episode 205

In this week’s TV episode of The Face of Furry Creek entitled “Freedumb“, the contestants are asked to make a commercial refuting Furry Creek’s awful reputation. Apparently our town has a bad rap for being discriminatory or something. Also this week, a contestant pushes the limits of freedom of speech when they say a meanie, hurtful word on TV. The trolls come out in full force on the interweb with their “opinions” I’m told which is weird because I didn’t know trolls actually existed. Also, someone we haven’t seen in a long time comes back to Furry Creek. It’s Petunia’s sister Prudence! She looks different no? Anywho, I also go on a date for the relations and it’s involves a lot of 2% milk so it’s pretty sexy.

Episode 205 airs Monday, October 6th on OUTtv at 8:30pm ET/ 7:30 PT with re-runs throughout the week. Check their website for details. The finalists’ “Freedom Furry Creek” commercial will be uploaded right after the TV episode airs so come back to watch that video later. For now, you can watch a short preview of tonight’s episode above.


Petunia Proudfoot's sister Prudence visits (Amy Goodmurphy).

Petunia Proudfoot’s sister Prudence visits (Amy Goodmurphy).