Thursday , 22 March 2018
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Week 1: Audition Videos

Week 1: Audition Videos

The first week’s task in Season 2 of The Face of Furry Creek contest was simple: Send in your audition videos! We showed our favourite from last year as an example: A shot-for-shot remake of The Golden Girls opening sequence as seen below.

This year’s new batch of contestants really took that example to heart and we ended up with a bunch of remakes of 80’s and 90’s sitcom opening sequences! Make sure to switch to HD for better quality.

Also, why do they all have these random people’s names in them?

Nate “Niner” Naylor channelled “The Fresh Prince of Bel Air“!

Freddy Freeland tried stand up comedy in this ode the “Seinfeld“!

Kimberney Kregs and her sister Kourtlyn took on “the season 1 opening of “Blossom“!

Charmaine Chad got some help from Guy and Chad to play the matriarch in “Roseanne“!

Sisi Sickles got Deb to help her re-create the season 2 opening of “The Cosby Show“!

Petunia Proudfoot sought help from “C.L.” to re-create the opening of “Touched By An Angel“!