Thursday , 22 March 2018
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Week 2: Mine Loop Videos

Week 2: Mine Loop Videos

The second week’s task in The Face of Furry Creek contest was to show what makes you proud of Furry Creek. Contestants were asked to do this in the form of a “Mine” loop video. It’s kind of like a “Vine” video in that it’s exactly the same thing. It’s basically a short 5-15 second video, shot on your phone, of short individual clips pieced together. So they are “edited” in phone, in sequence. Sometime they make sense, sometime they don’t. We got the latter.

Sisi Sickles loves her “vodfee” and decided to teach everyone how to make it at home.

Kimberney Kregs shockingly didn’t selfie herself sleeping! Instead she followed her nut job homestay host Liz Lipinski around. I get the feeling this isn’t Kimberney’s favourite thing about Furry Creek and she may be sucking on purpose. You decide!

Nate “Niner” Naylor loves his penis. It’s as simple as that. Pure douche-baggery here.

Charmaine Chad loves, um…we’re not too sure here actually. She never really makes sense does she? I think she mentions Mel Gibson at some point though.

Freddy Freeland loves acting yes, but who knew his second love was extreme dub stepping? He’s pretty good too.


Make sure to vote for your least worst contestant to your right before someone is eliminated next week!