Thursday , 22 March 2018
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Welcome To Furry Creek

We are pleased to welcome your face to Furry Creek! We’re so glad you came by to check us out.

Our proud little town just finished 2 seasons worth of challenges to find a “face” for Furry Creek’s next tourism campaign.

During our 2 year search, the finalists’ struggles were shown in The Face of Furry Creek TV/Web series. But that’s not all. Each week, our contestants also faced a video challenge and we posted the results of their hard work, right here, on

That means that you’re able to watch our contestants lie, cheat and sleep their way to the top on TV or the web in 12 half-hour episodes and then watch even more drivel as the contestant’s ridiculous challenge videos are also posted right here. Alongside the full episodes, we posting everything from auditions, PSA’s, commercials and music videos. Plus we got a look at additional behind-the-scenes stories in online blogs Mario’s Musings and Deb’s Dish.

The Face of Furry Creek – Season 1 & Season 2% is online worldwide and totally free right now on our site! So check out the entire 12-episode series right now along with tons of additional material!